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Guide Moderator Age Exception Application and Process

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Max, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Moderator Age Exception Application and Process
    The application and process of becoming a moderator using the age exception method.

    We have decided upon opening an alternative way for underage applicants to apply for the position of moderator. This method is largely referred to as the Age Exception Process, in which people below the age of fifteen can still apply but through a much more rigorous and thorough format. This format will attempt to filter out special candidates who are exceptional in regard to their maturity, initiative and dedication.

    With the production of this thread, we hope to offer an insight on what an Age Exception is, and any additional information for those who may seek queries. For any further queries that are not fully covered, please private message a senior staff member. Please note that you have to be 13 years or older to be able to apply for an Age Exception!

    (Step One) Written Application

    An extract taken from the Updated Rank Guide, which speaks about the aptitude of moderating, mentions that ‘the rank is regarded as the lowest rank; but certainly not the simplest. They are the first line of defence in protecting Swish from all forms of troublemakers. Including: trolls, hackers and spammers. They deal with an array of rule-breakers. Moderators, who are probably the easiest staff members to contact, are essential in helping out the community and are renowned for their services in-game to deal with any issues.’ As this is the case, moderators have to undergo an application form in order to allow the senior staff to gather an initial opinion on yourself and your abilities.

    Age Exception applicants will undergo a similar application but with additional questions that have been adopted to highlight your personality and how you would deal with certain situations depending on your age. Questions will target your level of maturity, your common sense and why you feel you deserve to be a moderator at this early age.


    Copy and paste your format: HERE and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

    If you’d like assistance to write your application, check out this guide: HERE

    (Step Two) Application Review and Age Exception Interview

    After posting your application, it will be placed onto pending and reviewed by the majority of the Senior staff team. Once we have reached a majority vote, it will be replied to with either an interview tag or a denied tag. If you are successful enough to reach the interview stages, it means you will be asked to participate in a penultimate interview before your actual, real moderator interview. This penultimate interview will take place with the Chief of Staff: Max and administrator: OhZola. The purpose of this interview is to help the administration learn of your personality and, overall, to see if you should proceed to your ultimate interview.

    This penultimate interview will be rather shorter compared to your actual interview (if you reach that stage, of course). It will consist of similar questions to what you may have seen in your application and will test the same abilities also seen in your application. It’s best to come across as confident, mature and polite. After all, first impressions count.

    (Step Three) Moderator Interview

    If everything went according to plan, and you were successful in your Age Exception interview (your penultimate interview), you have gained the right to be treated as a regular applicant. From this point now, there won’t be any more questions purposefully targeting your maturity; instead they will will target you as an all round person. This interview is the normal interview, it is much longer, thorough and the last step to deciding whether you are fit to be a moderator or not. It will take place when three or more senior staff members are online on the TeamSpeak.


    Apply here: http://mcswish.net/forums/staff-applications.26/create-thread
    Process of becoming a moderator: http://mcswish.net/threads/process-of-becoming-a-moderator-the-basics.3939/
    Application centre: http://mcswish.net/apply/

    Thank you JennoKoala for coming up with the process.
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