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Guide How to [create|join] a [2v2|3v3|4v4] Team

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Karentix, Aug 4, 2014.

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  1. Karentix

    Karentix Active Member

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    A lot of players messaged me in the last days how to create or join a team. So heer is my guide about joining or creating a team.
    1] How to join a Team.
    1. Click on the compass.
    2. Click on the steve head.
    3. When you followed the first two steps that you should see a lot of wool blocks in white and different colours. Each woolblock stands for one team and each color of the woolblock stands for the different status of the Team! The numbers on the woolblock means, what kind of team it is [2v2, 3v3,4v4] so when you are for example in a 3-team, than you will need 3 Players to start the game. When you look at the different woolblocks you can see who created the team.
    4. You click on the Team you want to join, and the woolblock with be orange. When you look at the descriptions on this thread it means, that you ask to join the team and the maker has to accept you. When the block is green it means that you got accepted or that you joined it. When a woolblock changes the color to yellow, than the team asks you to join them. But when you want to join a team and the woolblock is blue, than the team is already full, so you can not join it. So to conluce when the color is green than you just have to wait in the queue with your team. You will verse another team soon!
    5. Leaving a Team is very easy too, just click on the woolblock of the team you are in and you left it. When the color of the block is not longer green, than you successfully left it!
    6. When the woolblock of the team you are in changes from green to orange, than they removed you out of the team.
    Here are all the different colors with a descriptionfor joining a team:
    White: You have nothing to do with the team!
    Yellow: The team invited you to join it!
    Orange: You want to join the team!
    Green: The Team is full and ready to start!
    Blue: The Team is full you cant join or invite someone​

    2] How to create a Team.
    1. Click on the compass.
    2. Click on the steve head.
    3. There you can see the different woolblock to join on of the teams, but this time you want to create a team. Because of this you click on of the three workbenches [picture in the description]. There are three of them, one for each kind of team [2v2,3v3,4v4]. After clicking on one of them you can decide the map. After deciding you successfully created your own team.
    4. After creating you are alone in your team so you need other players to join it. But this time the woolblocks do not stand for different teams. They stand for the different players. When you take a loom at the woolblocks you can see the player-names of of the blocks + the stats. So you can invite whoever you want! But make sure that you only invite not to much players because not all of them can you join your team when you have for example a two team!
    5. You can invite or accept players with the color-system. You can see in the description the meaning of the colors. Each color represents the status of a player. For example when the the color of the players block is yellow, than he wants to join your team.
    6. Make sure that you accept enough players that your team is ready to start.
    7. On the left you see the status of your own Team. When it is green, the your team is ready to start.
    8. You can remove people out of your team when you click on the green woolblock of the players. When the woolblock changes the color to yellow than you successfully removed the players, because he wants to join your team again with the yellow color.

    Here are all the different colors with a descriptionfor joining a team:
    White: This player has nothing to do with your team.
    Yellow: This Player wants to join your team!
    Orange: You asked this player to join your team.
    Green: Your Team is full and ready to start.
    Blue: Your Team is already full, this person can not join.
    [​IMG] [2v2, 3v3, 4v4]​

    I hope I helped a lot of new players with this guide about joining and creating a team on MCSwish.

    If you have something to add or any questions, tell or ask me on this thread!

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2014
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  2. ejegun



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    First, and nice. Now lets read

    EDIT: Nice guide, there are some grammatical and spelling mistakes here and there but I believe it explains it quite well.
  3. Matt

    Matt Former Sr. Moderator

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    This explains it well, good work c:
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  4. Tahsin

    Tahsin Map Builder

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    Great guide.
  5. Ethan

    Ethan Map Builder

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    That's cus he's German you nub

    Good thread, explains it to a lot of new people. Pictures help as well because I'm lazy to read a lot
  6. Eddy



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    Guter thread!
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  7. Harv

    Harv Active Member

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    Sehr güt mein friende. Du ist sehr kreativ und informitiv!
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